Condair Humilife steam humidifier integration

I’ve never posted before so if I’m doing this incorrectly let me know. For several years I’ve been using the Condair Humilife steam humidifier. I have approached the company about Home-assistant and my main contacts are the North American Sales Manager and several people in tech support. I chose Condair mainly because it had a WiFi interface and mobile apps (Aprilaire did not). Recently, they added local control. You need the cloud account at installation but not after that. I asked about getting api information and received this link: Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

I’m not a programmer but it looks like everything a developer would need to integrate HA with Condair is there. If there is anyone interested, let me know. The folks at Condair have been incredible. Condair is owned by or owns Nortec. Either way the company is huge and global and yet, they don’t act like it. I’ve not been paid to do this. I have my own self interests. If an HA integration happens I get the benefit of using automations to manage humidity during the cold weather.