Condition ID

The feature trigger ID is great. What would be nice is also an ID like the trigger ID but at the conditional level. I have a case with only one trigger. But based on the specific condition of multiple other values. If we have an ID to identify which condition was true in the actions. I can make triggering more simple.

Multiple triggers are always logically ORed. Therefore identifies which one was responsible for triggering the automation.

In contrast, multiple conditions can be logically ANDed and/or ORed.

  1. Multiple conditions are, by default, logically ANDed. All ANDed conditions must pass in order to proceed to executing actions. Therefore a condition id wouldn’t be useful for this case.

  2. Multiple conditions can be optionally ORed. This is the one case where, in theory, a condition id could report which ORed condition evaluated to true.

  3. Multiple conditions can also be ANDed and ORed to form a single complex condition. Therefore the result of condition is the result of all its conditions evaluated together. In other words, it can’t cherry-pick which part was responsible (to support a condition id) because all parts together are responsible for the result.

Given that only one out three scenarios could possibly support the concept of a condition id, it’s unlikely this FR will be fulfilled.