Condition in Automation to not execute on a certain day between 8 and 13 hour

Hi All,

I’ve a perfectly running automation to lock the doors (night lock) when we leave the house. I want to add a condition that on a certain day (fixed day) between 8 and 13 hour the automation is not executed.
If I add before 8.00 and after 13.00 on Thursday then the automation will only be executed on Thursday. If I add all days except Thursday before 8 and after 13.00 then when we leave the house on another day between 8 and 13.00 the doors are not locked.

I’m looking for a not Thursday between 8 and 13.00 type solution. How to solve this?

use the not condition

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Amazing. Is it that simple? Stupid me that I was not able to find this. I’m going to give this a try. Thanks.