Condition to rule out Automations if Person above an elevation

I have automations set to occur when I enter the ‘Home’ zone. Mainly it opens the garage door so I can ride my motorcycle into the garage without having to fumble with my phone, unlocks the front door, and turns on a light inside the house. The issue is I often fly in an airplane or helicopter for work, and will occasionally fly directly over my house. Is there a way I can set a condition to ignore the zone entry if I’m say 1000 feet above sea level? Rare use case I know, but I’d hate to set my automation off if I’m 3000 ft in the air above my house.


It’s just your 300th floor. That’s all

I can’t remember the outcome but I think there’s a few threads that deal with a similar issue tracking zones ina multi floor home if you want separate zones for floor x and floor y.

Its basically the same issue just… No wings or turboprop.

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Numeric state condition, using the elevation attribute of your device_tracker entity?

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Good idea. I set it to my phone/altitude/below 150. I’m assuming it’s meters so that’s 500ish feet MSL. The elevation here is only about 250’ so as long as I’m below 500’ the automation should activate, above, not activate.

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