Conditional Card - use state_not to check for null state


Im using darksky weather alert and want to display the information in a card

Im using template to retrieve the individual information from the weather alert

As you can see in the image above, if there are multiple alerts the states will be appended with a 0,1,2

So in my states I have the following

What I want to be able to do now is only show a card if for example sensor.weather_alert_expires isnt null

My ui-lovelace.yml is as follows

         - type: custom:mod-card
              border: solid 3px var(--primary-color)
              type: conditional
              title: Weather Alert
              show_header_toggle: false
                - entity: sensor.weather_alert_title
                  state_not : None
                type: entities
                  - entity: sensor.weather_alerts

But no matter what i put in state_not : I can’t get it to check for a null value

Any ideas?

what about:

state_not : none

anyone have solution on this? for nul conditional card? thx