Conditional equivalent: show multiple entities in glance

Say I have four window contact sensors, and each is in a conditional card with a glance card. If window open, show card. Card to show is just a boring glance card with the window icon, name, and state.

Is it possible to get a single glance card holding all sensors, and only show the open windows? So if at least one window is open, the conditional card is set to show. And then from there, each open window is combined in one glance card telling me which ones are open. That way if no windows are open, the card is not cluttering my screen, and if at least one window is open, it shows the card and tells me which.

I think conditional cards cannot do this, so I’m open to any suggestions. HACS suggestions are good too. I don’t want to use an entity list though because the thing I’m actually showing is a dropdown (that is only meant to change state via automations, not by a user touching the dropdown) and those are extra ugly and open to mistaken taps.

The primary issue with a conditional card for each is that each window would take up a whole row. I could put four conditional cards showing four glance cards in a horizontal stack, but that looks so much worse than four items in a single glance card. That is what I’m doing for now though.

What I’m actually trying to do: I have litter boxes with motion and contact sensors to change between the dropdown options Clear/In Use/Maintenance/Needs Emptying. For now, I really only care about showing them if they are in the state “Needs Emptying”. It would be nice if there was a toggle for dropdowns to turn off manual changes, but whatever.

I just realized if I only want to show two windows, I can simply make three different conditionals. One checks for both being on, the other two check for one on and the other off. This is probably the solution I’ll go with. It’s not sanely scalable but it can work for now.

Still open to other suggestions.