Conditionnal card based on State Attribute?

Good day,

I’m currently working on my Home Theater Lovelace UI. Right now I made a Remote Control card in order to control Kodi.

I’ve just learned of the existence of the Conditional Card for which I wanted to show the Remote Control card only when I select the Kodi input on my Amplifier.

Is it even possible to do what I want to do?

      - type: conditional
          - entity: media_player.onkyo_tx_nr757
            state: "on"
          - entity: media_player.onkyo_tx_nr757.source
            state: "dvd"
          type: entities
            - switch.onoff_module_1_on_off_module

Note: switch.onoff_module_1_on_off_module is a switch I have somewhere… I’m using it for development purposes.

Thank you!

You could create a template sensor that displays the state attribute you’d like.

Oh yeah! great idea! Will definitely look forward with your suggestion! :slight_smile: Thanks!