Config check failed for new version

Last couple of updates, running 81.1, have failed due to this error. Checked the config on my Pi and no issues showing. nothing in the home-assistant.log either

Installing collected packages: requests, homeassistant
  Found existing installation: requests 2.19.1
    Uninstalling requests-2.19.1:
      Successfully uninstalled requests-2.19.1
  Found existing installation: homeassistant 0.81.1
    Uninstalling homeassistant-0.81.1:
      Successfully uninstalled homeassistant-0.81.1
Successfully installed homeassistant-0.81.5 requests-2.20.0
Deactivating virtualenv
Config check failed for new version, do you want to revert? [Y/n] :

Any suggestions as to what I should try

I’ve been seeing the same thing when doing the 81.x updates. I’ve just been saying No to revert and it appears to work fine. I do a config check after its back up and no errors are reported. Bug?

Thanks that worked for me. Though I am finding the upgrade less responsive than 81.1

You are correct, this is a bug.
I have made a PR to fix it in future versions of hassbian-config