Config Check: ZWave Switch Not Being Recognized

I have two GE zwave switches in the house at the moment, connected to a Smartthings hub. One is a standard on/off switch and the other is a dimmer. Both are working normally with Smartthings. The on/off also works properly with HA but the dimmer isn’t being recognized. Ive tried lots of different configurations, and each yields the on/off working and the dimmer not working.

In Smartthings, they are both set up with identical configurations. They are both ZWave Switches, the names are correct, the both show as published and online. Their network IDs are different. Events/logging in the ST IDE shows the proper activity for the on/off, and nothing for the dimmer.

Here’s the latest iteration of their config, in configuration.yaml. master closet works. kitchen cabinets doesn’t.
light 1:
platform: mqtt
name: “master closet”
state_topic: “smartthings/master closet/switch”
command_topic: “smartthings/master closet/switch”
payload_on: “on”
payload_off: “off”
retain: true

platform: mqtt
name: “kitchen cabinets”
state_topic: “smartthings/kitchen cabinets/switch”
command_topic: “smartthings/kitchen cabinets/switch”
brightness_state_topic: “smartthings/kitchen cabinets/level”
brightness_command_topic: “smartthings/kitchen cabinets/level”
brightness_scale: 99
brightness_value_template: ‘{{ value }}’
qos: 0
payload_on: “on”
payload_off: “off”
optimistic: false
retain: true

What am I missing, and where else can I look? Any other diagnostic detail I can provide?