Config copy to a new machine is failing

I’m new to HA. I initially installed it as a Docker container on a Ubuntu host which was running as a VM on my TrueNAS server. Now I want to transfer everything I’ve done so far to a Raspberry Pi. HA installed on the Pi with no trouble. I then made a backup of the old config, uploaded it to the new, and restored. But nothing is there - no automations, scenes, people, nothing. I restarted HA, rebooted the Pi, still nothing. The old version is 2022.11.4 and the new is 2023.2.3. Is the version difference enough to cause problems? Where am I going wrong?

Thank yiou

I would just try copying the config directory over.

Upgrade first, then archive and transfer the entire /config directory, including the hidden directory, the copy it to the target machine at the right location, optionally adjusting file ownership and permissions.

Or you could try the „backup“ feature of Home Assistant.

@m0wlheld Yes, that’s what I did.

Try again after upgrading the current installation to the current version. Or downgrade the target installation to the version of the current one and upgrade target afterwards.

I upgraded the current install, made a new backup, and restored it to the new install. Still nothing. I think I’ll just start from scratch. Thanks for the help.