Config File Editor within HA

I think it would be nice to be able to have a config file editor within the web interface. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something to be able to edit the text file maybe with a button right there to save and restart the config. This would help eliminate the need to have to login to the actual computer running HA to make any changes. It may need to ask for the password every time someone tries to access it since it might contain sensitive info.

Take a look at this:


Thanks. Is there any way to secure that? I don’t want to make it to easy to get into that config. So in the HA interface, I want it to ask for a password.

You mean separately from access to HA itself? In other words you want to log in to HA and then have another login for Pydio?

I would prefer it to be within HA, but when you go to edit the config file, it should ask for your HA password again.

The reason is, let’s say I forgot to lock my computer, and set the remember password in HA. Well, that’s not too big of a deal since that just means they will be able to turn my lights on and off and stuff like that. But if they can get to the config files, they can effectively get access to the computer through things like the command line switch.

I just took another quick look - I never implemented this - and it appears the Pydio requires a separate log in already. You’d use whatever credentials you set up on your Pi’s FTP server.