Modify configuration.yaml through a panel using Pydio (FTP)

I thought it would be neat to be able to modify the configuration file through Home Assistant, so I found out how.
The prerequisite is that you have an FTP server installed on whatever you have Home Assistant installed on that is accessible externally.

Step 1: Setup FTP server.
Step 2: Port Foward port 21 so you can access it externally.
Step 3: Connect to your FTP Server using Pydio.

Step 4: Display the files by ‘Details’ so you can list them easier:

Step 5: Set the default editor to ‘Source Editor’. I already set mine, so you have to go to ‘Choose Other’:

Step 6: Add a panel to Home Assistant with a shortcut that goes straight to the configuration file.

    title: 'Configuration'
    url: ''

I’m thinking the URL will be the same as mine, but you get it here:

Step 7: Restart Home Assistant so the panel shows up

Now you can view your files through Home Assistant and modify them by double clicking them:


I am running HASS on a Raspberry Pi. What would you recommend as an ftp server? I did a little searching and there a lot of them out there for the Pi.