Config flow for new integration - I2C

I’m building a PCF8574 integration that will allow using this extender directly with HA.
My current version (WIP) is available at

Looking at docs I see that config flow is the preferred way for new integrations.
Because this integration will require hardware connected to PI, I2C enabled and I2C address (this can be configured on PCF8574) I started to wonder how should I create config flow for this integration?

My integration is base on pcal9535a and mcp23017, but they don’t offer config flows.
Does config flow for hardware-dependent integration make sense?

Ideally, integration should check if I2C is enabled, should scan for address and allow creating switches or binary sensors. Is this even possible right now?

Any advice and sample integration I could look at would be really helpful.

it’s possible to integrate an LCD Display 20x4 ?

I’m sure there are multiple python libraries that could be used.
The wiring isn’t hard (especially with I2C display), but that you would use that display for?
Have you tried ESP Home? It is trivial to set up and you have the flexibility to place the display anywhere, not only near PI.
I’m not sure how to integrate that into HA? There should be some kind of template for each line.
Do you know an integration (component) that is doing a similar thing?

my display is wired and I wrote something with python script from Raspbian, but I would use this lcd to display values from entities (temperature, humidity…). I’ve found examples, but all with remote display via esphome.

hi, is there any news? I am interested in this component. at the moment i have a raspberry with two pcf8574 chips that i manage with pimqttgpio. But since rumors that docker installations will be deprecated, I’m looking for a way to get everything into the home assistant. Also via pimqttgpio (with some changes to the server file) I also control an LCD display and an mcp23017 chip from the home assistant. I know there is already an integration in the home assistant for this chip, but this does not allow you to configure some pins as outputs and others as inputs.

I’ve recently created an integration for I2C controlled fan so when I finish it I can try making something for a display. I don’t think there is an entity that can be used to display text on external display so I’ll probably create a service that will allow you to display any text you want on a display. Give me some time. I’m still learning Python :slight_smile:

hello, have you completed your integration? is it possible to use your repository on github directly in HA? if yes, can you give me the procedure?
Thank you

Hi, I have I2C support in GitHub - Misiu/argon40: Home Assistant support for Argon ONE Pi 3 & 4 cases and Argon Fan HAT.
I haven’t finished the config flow code, it’s still on my todo list, but family always comes first.