Config flow strings.json not working

I’m working on a custom component and I’m having an issue with the labels showing up in my Config Flow.

I have added a strings.json file and a copy of it in translations/en.json but they’re still not showing up.

Are there any other gotchas to look for?

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So for anyone else that has hit this - I figured out the answer and filed a bug on this. Currently if your directory name isn’t the same as your domain name, the translations code ignores your translations/en.json and strings.json files.


Thank you! This was driving me nuts, and just couldn’t figure it out until I found your post. Hope the defect gets fixed, as this is very non-intuitive.

Unfortunately they closed my bug last week as “Not Planned”

Thank you! Wasted 2hrs trying to solve this before stumbling on this issue

Can you share the link to your issue? A warning in the logs would have saved me many hours

I would think it’s pretty well mentioned the directory name needs to be same as your domain.

But here is the thing, everything else works except for this if the directory name doesn’t match the domain. If that is a requirement, it should block loading the integration for the error.

I guess this isn’t going to change and I understand why it forces you to name your directory the same as your domain but the fact it fails silently is really frustrating.

Thank you for saving me from going crazy. Will see if it least this can be added to the docs (Better visibility that custom integration directory must be the same name as DOMAIN · Issue #30144 · home-assistant/ · GitHub)