Config Flow with Custom Component

I’m working on a component that’s not quite ready for prime time (keeping it in custom_components for now) but I want to implement Config Flow for it.

The documentation states the component has to be added to config_entries.FLOWS which is part of HA.

Is there a way to make this work?

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I’m also interested in getting the answer.

I’m also in process of developing custom component - it will be kept in custom_components folder. I will try to develop it with minimal scope.

Found answer by myself. So in short: CUSTOM_COMPONENTS don’t use config_flow (as for HA 0.93.2).
Usage of config flow is defined in file ( and is hard coded for now for closed list of compoenents. So unless custom_component doesn’t overwrite one of those components - it will not be able (AFAIK) to run

I am interested to know what the future plans for config_flow with custom components is.
The docs say:

This option is currently only available for built-in components.

which makes it sound like there are plans to enable it for custom components. Does anyone have any details on this?

PR was merged to allow this, latest version works.

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Has anyone managed to make this work by following the documentation? I am struggling at the moment, and would love to see an example of a very simple config flow

There is a lyric component that is waiting to be merged that I’ve been using as a custom component with success.

Thanks kylerw, I think I am up and running now.