Config for a lowpass filter

Hi, for my sun cover automation, based on sun azimuth and a illuminance sensor I’d like to smooth the sensor in order to avoid too much ups and downs. The sensor provides lux data instantly so in case of clouds there are a lot of data produced.
I defined the lowpass filter with time_constant 5 and currently with 10 which doesn’t make much difference imo.

The black line represents the lowpassed sensor
I would prefere a more smoother average which means flatten the curve a little. Do I have to increase the time_constant or decrease?
I’ve some difficulties to understand the influence of that paramenter.

Larger time constant = smoother graph and slower to respond.

From the docs:

Loosely relates to the amount of time it takes for a state to influence the output.

That’s what I did not understand :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!

For everyone who is interested. 15 is the value for Germany around Düssdorf.
Now I can decrease the time buffer to 15 Minutes. Everything works smooth.