Config.json startup option

There is an example in Tutorial: Making your first add-on

  "startup": "before",

But in the next chapter Add-On Configuration there is only five variants for startup:

  1. initialize
  2. system
  3. services
  4. application
  5. once

And there is no before. Google did not help. Where I can to find the full info, except source code :)?

If so no one answered, I had to get into the source.
The file hassio-dev \ hassio \ lists the constants:

  • STARTUP_INITIALIZE = ‘initialize’
  • STARTUP_SYSTEM = ‘system’
  • STARTUP_SERVICES = ‘services’
  • STARTUP_APPLICATION = ‘application’
  • STARTUP_ONCE = ‘once’
    and no before.

However, in the file hassio-dev\hassio\addons\ there is a def block

def _simple_startup(value):
“”“Simple startup schema.”""
if value == “before”:
if value == “after”:
return value

Accordingly before it is alias for services and after==application. Given the context of the example Tutorial: Making your first add-on, the use of the option before is unreasonable (and after too), instead it is better to use services. In addition, it is necessary to supplement the information on the second link with the aliases.

Finally. On weekends, I made two minor changes into the documentation through GitHub, my commits was accepted and merged by @pvizeli. But still contains unchanged content. Is the web updated less often and on schedule? I could myself make necessary cosmetic changes to the documentation via GitHub, but I did not see it work, so I’m writing here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I posted a couple of questions on the DEV forum here. No answer, nothing, diddily.
Pretty simple questions but obvs no one can be bothered to reply. I guess they are “two enlightened” to respond to a mere pleb like me.
This does present one observation however.
HA is community developed, open source. So you would imagine they would like to see more devs and more people contributing. But a lack of help, and same here with you, well it sort of makes you feel “sod them then … I will just use the software and not contribute, I won’t bother to learn, if they cant be arsed neither can I”.
Not me really, not how I think, but it’s easy to fall into that frame of mind isnt it ?