Config option to only show hue rooms and hide individual lights

I’d like to see a config option for the Hue component that acts similarly to allow_hue_groups, but lets you choose whether to show individual lights or not.

I’ve got my Hue bulbs organised into rooms, and our loungeroom has two four-bulb fixtures (8 bulbs total), so I’d almost never turn an individual bulb on. I’ve got less Hue rooms than I do bulbs, so only showing groups makes more sense to me.

I know I can hide the bulb entities, but by that same logic I could just hide the bulb groups, so it’d be nice to have a companion option to allow_hue_groups, possibly called allow_hue_lights.

Use this in your configuration.yaml under homeassistant:

      hidden: true

All of my lights have the same prefix, so I only need one statement here. You can either use wildcards as above or specify individual lights in your customize_glob.

That’d require renaming my bulbs, but this could work nicely.

I’d still like to propose the option (because there’s a groups option, but not an individual bulb option), but this will work well in the interim.

I just named the bulbs in the hue app, which is pretty straightforward.

If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have to create a default_view, which hides every entity that’s not specified. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and any items that get lost can easily be retrieved in Developer Tools -> States.