Config reset after docker instance upgrade

Hi all,

Bit of a niche problem here, but hopefully someone can help!

I have been running HA using docker for a while. I hit a problem with my RPi, and had to rebuild it. Took the hit, and reset everything. I got to 2024.6 and decided to upgrade. When I went to run the commands docker complained that the homeassistant container wasn’t started (or owned, I can’t remember) by it.

After a bit of faffing around I copied my config directory to somewhere safe, and created a docker yml file and set it up properly. The new docker instance has deleted some of my config! Things like automations are still there, my configuration.yaml. However, my dashboards are gone, my integrations, devices and entities are all gone.

Given I have my config directory copied to a safe place can I stop HA, copy in a bunch of files (like all of the .storage directory for one) and have it start working properly again when I start it up?

Or am I forced to set up all of my integrations yet again?

This is a big deal because my aqara hub is a pita to setup, and I don’t want to rename all of my sensors to something useful yet again!

All help appreciated. Thanks.


One thing I didn’t note, the saved directory was when I was running 2024.5.x, and the new instance is running 2024.6.2

When copying / backuping the config directory, be sure to include hidden files and directories.
The /config/.storage directory is where most of the configuration is stored.