Config.txt (enabling 1wire)

Hi, can anyone help me get the 1wire going?

I’ve added the dtoverlay=w1-gpio into the config.txt file but after many attempts I just can’t get the w1 directory to show up in the /sys/bus/ directory… and hassio is throwing up an error when I add the onewire platform. the config.txt just doesnt seem to be enabling 1wire for me. (I’ve edited config.txt by removing the SD card and putting it into a PC using EditPad unix file editor)

Is there anything else I can do maybe to confirm whether the config.txt file is being read properly?
Any ideas to what I can do to correctly troubleshoot 1wire from SSH or any other means?

I’ve two other PI’s running older version of HA with 1wire support so I know this all should work.
Can’t think of what i’m doing wrong… hope someone can help.

edit: this is latest image install of using etcher etc.

Same here!
Please someone can help us to activate inside hassio?