Configurable graph grouping on History page

Now the graphs are obviously grouped by same unit, which is nice, but sometimes it leads to a really funny graphs, so I have aggregated all % into a one graph. Anyway, there is really no visible relevance between humidity in our childern’s room and free ram on server :slight_smile:

Is there an Update? CPU Temperature and Outside Temp are also not really comparable. :wink:

There is new component which might help

Actually you can also use the unit_of_measurement variable in customize to create whatever group you want. You can update the unit_of_measurements of percentages to:
unit_of_measurement: % hm
so that every humidity variable will be on the same graph denoted with % hm.

Anything new about that problem?

Changing all units to group the right sensors are not
very nice.

Regards, Steffen

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