Configurable replies on built-in intents

Home-Assistant offers built-in intents for common tasks, that would also be more complicated to reflect in YAML/Jinja logic.

I’m using them in combination with Rhasspy and their replies are often very verbose and repetitive.

Me: Toggle floor lamp
Hass: Toggled floor lamp.

Me: Turn floor lamp on/off
Hass: Turned floor lamp on/off

Me: Set floor lamp to blue
Hass: Changed floor lamp to the color blue

Me: Set floor lamp to 50% brightness
Hass: Changed floor lamp to 50% brightness

First, reduce the bulkiness of replies, when I clearly get better feedback from other senses.

Me: Set floor lamp to blue
Me notices that the lamp changed to blue
Hass: Ok

Secondly, only give me longer responses when there is some actual information to glean. Like in

  • HassShoppingListAddItem, where it is important that I know the correct thing was added to my shopping list
  • HassShoppingListLastItems, where I actually queried for some information

Thirdly, for brief responses and confirmations, a rotating variety of replies would be nice.

And last but not least, configurability of most of the above would be awesome.

I’m sure other people have other preferences, but I hope some of these examples are more clear cut and the need for customization has become obvious.

Did you find a resultion to that? I got another problem, that Home Assistant only answers in English, but it seems related…

I’m afraid I have not looked into this any further yet.

Thanks nevertheless :slight_smile: I went another route, not using the built-in intents at all.