Configuration and automation scripts fail to be read on 0.104.4

Both configuration.yaml and automations.yaml were working on 0.103.6 running on python3.6
After a difficult upgrade to 0.104.3 (python3.7.4 compiled locally) . on an OdroidXU4 , ubutu18.04LTS
The check config on lovelace>Configuration>Server Controls shows no errors, automations have been reloaded from the same UI.
No automations are running , I think the configuration.yaml is being read as the friendly names for both the TP-link devices are showing, but none of the MQTT devices
None of the graphs on the previous version showing sun elevation and hot water temperature
on lovelace, that were on the previous version are showing now.
I’ve looked through previous topics, but they are all from previous versions of HA before
python3.6 was depreciated in December 2019.
To get 0.104.3 to build on python3.7.4 I’ve had to remove all previous version of python and their dependencies fron the XU4, going back to 0.103.6 would require a full reload of ubuntu.

Anything known that would enable automations.yaml to be read