Configuration and more

Hello there,
first a introduce, my name is Wil living in the Netherlands.
less experiance with Home automation systeem but, to make my live easy starting with it.
For now, i have installed Home Assistant Core on a Intel NUC because it’s hard to get a Raspberry pi right now.
in the mean time i have played with serveral items inside Home Assistant and become more surpricing on what to possibiltys are.
now my question.
i have downloaded some Hacs things and put them i the config files.
for example the Home Assistant AV Receiver Panel Card - YouTube
put it in recources from there on it’s not clear for me.
question is how can put this card and make it as a Denon AVR? so i can set all the functions of the receiver on my touchscreen?
is ther somebody who can explain me step by step how to make things done.
then second, is it possible to make a card which can show my Bosch Nefit easy controller thermostat.

waiting for some reply,
thanks in advaced.

First of all it would be more appropriate with a link to the Card you mention, and not to a youtube-video, that btw, says Nothing
Second, it would also be very relevant to know which Denon, you referrers to.

Without either, no-one would ever be able to know what you really talking about

In regards to Nefit easy , you are better of google i.e. (nefit easy homeassistant) first, and maybe then open a Topic specific for this, as it not seems to be a “trivial” subject, like just making a card

Before you can use you any Card for a Device, you need to have this Device connected/configured in your Home-Assistant… through an “integration” either built-in, community or Custom Integration

PS: Don’t wait in vain: