Configuration check stuck

Hey i copied YAMAL files from hassbian i used 0.9.2 version ,

As it is not maintained any more i did fresh install of raspbian

Now i am able to connect via /states to old UI , but configuration check stuck…

any inputs how to resolve it?

anyone??? it does not make any sense this is my issue only


are you sure you want to switch from 0.9,2 not 0.92 to 0.107??
IN this case there are manyyyyyyy changes…
The best way is to create fresh installation and modify new configuration.yaml. Just put your entities inside … there are many changes in the main configuration like gps localisation… and other…there is no other way… unless you are updating your system on regular basisi - than it is not so painfull…
regards… good lock…

please clarify how to do and what to do ???

should i work only with configuration file ??

please post your config file here ( of course without any secret data) … I will check it on my test device,