Configuration files corupt

This morning I awoke to find several of my configuration files have become unreadable. The odd thing is that date modified seems to be correct.

For example, here is part of my automations.yaml:

The same has happened to groups.yaml, scripts.yaml & secrets.yaml & webostv.conf.

Has this happened to anyone else? I am trying to restore a snapshot, but I’m not getting much feedback from the system about what (if anything) it is doing.

That’s a lot of work gone and I’m now worried about the reliability and stability of this system. Should I be?

Would appreciate any feedback or advice.


The snapshots are just a compressed file.
You can just copy out the files you need then restart HA.

If your going to restore, it can take a long time depending on what system your running on.

The file corruption could be related to the power supply or SD card.

Thanks, I downloaded the zip. But I can’t seem to access the files I need. I gather the files I’m looking for are in homeassistant.tar.gz (15.2 MB), but I can’t seem to open it.

Here’s the error I’m getting:


You’ve copied the file off the SD card ?
Looks like a permissions issue. Weird.

Downloaded it from the interface and copied from the Samba share. I really do worry about the reliability of the system now. Is this a system I can rely on?