Configuration for multiple Philips Hue bridges

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I’m fairly new to Home Assistant, but am loving it so far. I just recently added a second Philips Hue bridge to my network and am looking for the configuration in Home Assistant to support the second Hue bridge.

I’ve seen a post that the phue.conf files are not supported anymore, but I haven’t seen an example yet of how to configure the second Hue bridge in my searching. I’m sure I just missed it, but could someone show an example or steps or direct me to find the configuration to setup my second Hue bridge.

I’ve setup the Philips Hue integration straight from the UI, but am happy to make changes if I need to using the configuration files.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts!


Resolved! I see that once I setup HA with the Raspberry Pi build, instead of running my own Docker container, that HA detected both Philips Hue bridges for me.