Configuration for XiaoFang camera

Hi guys,
I have modified the yi component to use it for xiaofang camera. It works perfectly, but a minute lag, because when the file is being written by the camera, the file is not valid when read via ffmpeg/ftp.

The following is the configuration:
- platform: xiaofang
name: hall_camera
host: ‘’
password: 1234
path: /media/mmcblk0p2/record
ffmpeg_arguments: ‘-vf scale=800:450’

I will use your topic to address my issue. I hacked the camera and at first everything worked. The problem is that the video stayed in a loop and did not update even when restarting the server. Then I decided to migrate to rtps but the quality was horrible. I decided to reduce the quality in the script but after saving the rtps stopped working. Any idea? Btw, there is a warning that RTSP server disables the ability to use the Mi Home app but Fang Hacks has RTSP server enabled by default, what should i do?


  • platform: xiaomi
    name: Camera
    host: ‘’
    model: ‘xiaofang’
    password: 1234

snx_rtsp_server -W 1280 -H 720 -Q 10 -F 15 -b 2048 -a >$LOG 2>&1 &

Were you able to solve?