Configuration Homematic-Devices CUL Homegear


I am new in Home Assistant. I would like to switch from FHEM to HA. To control my Homematic devices (switches, thermostats) I would like to use my CUL 868 (from Busware) and the raspberry. Is there someone who can give some instructions? I think I have to install homegear on my raspberry…? Anybody of you did something similar and can give me tips to configure my devices? Thank you!

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I am trying to use HA with Homegear and hmland. But still have Problems (Automation Trigger dont Work, ui state after switching with the UI not correct,…) I think i will Switch Back to FHEM.

How about You? Did you switch to HA?

Hi cathiele,

how did you get your setup running with Homematic? I’m new to this system and currently use FHEM with hmland to connect to the Homematic USB-Stick (The so-called “Konfigurationsadapter” which isn’t sold any longer). I have no idea how to set this up - maybe you could paste your config here if you got it working?

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I’m also trying to add CUL 868 USB support for my HomeMatic Thermostats and I’ve already tried a couple of Homegear tutorials. Many of them seem to be outdated / intended for an older version of Homegear and thus don’t work anymore. Overall I wasn’t satisfied with Homegear, starting with the fact that I couldn’t even install it on my Linux Mint 17 server because of dependency problems. Installation using docker worked, but then none of the online resources I could find were compatible.

I think I’ll write an interface for FHEM to integrate my HomeMatic devices in Home Assistant, but would be much happier if I had direct CUL USB support. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on how to work with the CUL USB and the existing Perl code in the FHEM code repo is anything but readable to me.

New to homeassistant - tried it for a week now with appdaemon and i like it :slight_smile: .
Now im in decision with thermostats to use/buy.
I dont want to use any cloud based access points/hubs etc. but i would like to use for example the Homematic IP HmIP-eTRV.
To integrate this device in homeassistant do i really need homegear and a nanoCUL ?
Is there a better sulution ?
Or are there any recommends which thermostats work well directly with homeassitant ?
Maby a wireless device which only controls the valve and the rest - mesurement of temp - automation etc. ist done by homeassistant core ?


I haven’t followed the Homegear development, but that last time I have checked Homegear did not support IP devices at all.
If you want to use those devices and not buy the CCU, you could use RaspberryMatic. Here you use a regular Raspberry Pi together with either the LAN-gateway (HM-LGW-O-TW-W-EU) or the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB module.