Configuration of Fibaro Roller Shutter 4 FGR-224

I just wanted to create this topic because I kept getting this error:
Failed to call service cover/open_cover. unknown
Failed to call service cover/close_cover. unknown

AlCalzone from Z-Wave JS was so nice to add the configuration for this device to the project, however still I was getting this error while trying to control the FGR-224.
Turns out, you need to calibrate the Z-Wave device first, then re-interview, then it works.

Calibration can be done by setting [4-112-0-150] Force calibration to 3 after calibiration is completed it will display 1.

I would not have been able to figure this out with the help of AlCalzone, better said: he figured out basically everything, all credits go to him.

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I still have this exact same problem. Up and down works with the calibration, even with 150 parameter, it just never finishes calibrating. When i use up or down button i get exaxt same error as you.

Did you calibrate it manually?