Configuration of Philio PSP05?

Has anyone managed to get the Philio PSP05 motion sensor working in HA? With the default configuration values, once motion has been detected, HA reports it as permanently detected - it never clears after a certain time. Thanks in advance.

No, but I have had problems with other motion sensor.

Go into the HASS device config for that device and look for disabled entities, enable them, restart HASS, and see if any of them work,

Thanks, I found an entity that gave me what I wanted after some trial and error with the configuration settings as well.

For future reference, this is how I have the PSP05 configured:

And the entity I am using is Sensor state (Motion):

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Hi Geoff,

Did you find a way to solve the issue ? I meet exactly the same problem : once the motion state has been “Detected”, it never reverts back to “Clear”.

I had to set it up using the Sensor state (Motion) entity instead of the expected Motion detection…

Thanks Geoff,

Unfortunately, the sensor “Sensor state (Motion)” is unavailable on my system :sleepy: I have only the “Motion detection” state which is never triggered if my Philio is configured as “Binary Sensor” (parameter 7, bit 4, “Notification type”).

The good news is that the detection state is triggered if I configure the parameter 7, bit 4, to “Report Notification”, but, as many people in the forums, the state “Detected” is never reverted back to “Clear” (it is like the “motion off” of the sensor is never sent or received by Home Assistant). But I finally find a way to make it work, by configuring a small Python script which automatically reset the motion state (Detected > Clear) after some seconds. So, at the end, it WORKS !

Thanks anyway for your kind support.


I’ve found the IKEA (zigbee) motion sensors to be decent (and cheap). I’ve also had good luck with the Fibaro ones if you need zwave.

Thank you very much, Geoff!
You made my day!

I have enabled the sensor

and disabled the sensor
(which was always on “detected”)

now everything works as desired.

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For me too both the motion sensor and tamper functionality work after enabling the both -by default disabled- sensor state entities. Don’t forget to also set the ‘Show as’ for the both entities “Sensor state (Motion)” and “Sensor state (Tamper)” to ‘motion’ and ‘tamper’ respectively at the same time you enable them.

Looking at the ZWave JS UI debug window it seems the problem with the standard motion device not going back to ‘clear’ is caused by the psp05 firmware returning an unknown (incorrect?) value of 254 for the ‘clear’ notification. According to the log this notification gets disregarded by zwave js.