Configuration Option in the Mobile App

I have the Android Home Assistant app, and in it, I do not see the option to choose Configuration and make edits to the Automations. This would be very helpful so I can be downstairs modifying an automation on my phone and then test it, without going back and forth to my computer to make edits…

Am I missing something?

Check if your user has administrative rights?

I think so

And have you set advanced mode on in your profile tab?

Yes, I have advanced settings turned on…

Then I’m out of solutions. Sorry

No worries, appreciate the help

Options under teh User Profile like “advanced mode” are on a per device basis. So if you set it on the desktop you need to set it on the app and if you use a browser on mobile you need to set it there too.

Ya, it is also setup on my mobile device Homeassistant App

So you do not see the Configuration option under the left side menu? Like how you get to logbook and such?

I had to toggle Advanced mode off and back on again in the mobile app to get everything to show up…

I’m having this problem now. I have a Google 3a Pixel XL. I can’t see the App configuration. I have Advance mode activated in HA. The solution is:
“I had to toggle Advanced mode off and back on again in the mobile app to get everything to show up…”

Are you saying that you have to go to Advanced Mode in HA on the mobile App and then toggle off/on in order for the App configuration to appear?

Correct, I had to go into the app and uncheck and then recheck advanced mode

Thanks for replying jwadsley. I was a little concerned that you might say that. I tried it but it did not work for me. How did you get your Android phone/Chrome broswer to “Advanced Mode”? That may be the one part I’m doing differently.

In Chrome / Firefox I go to the bottom of the hamburger menu on the left down to my name, and click on it. Then in the middle section there is an Advanced Mode toggle that I toggled on and back off. I had to do this same thing in the app as well.

I found it. I went into Configuration on the mobile and the Companion app configuration is in there.
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