Configuration problem with zse29


I am having trouble getting a new Zooz ZSE29 motion sensor to detect motion, in my Home Assistant system. Home Assistant and integrations are now very current;

Home Assistant


2023.08.3Operating System

10.5Frontend 20230906.1 - latest

Integrations Z-Wave, and Z-Wave JS are at the latest levels that were available as of 9/9/23

The sensor is a new device to my configuration. I have an existing device in my setup that I installed a few years ago and it works fine. What I note that is different that I think might account for the difference is that in the devices GUI under the “sensor” tile, the working device has an entity entry that shows up in blue, though in the broken device the entity shows up blacked out (disabled?). The specific entity is known as


When I say the device is not working, to be specific, the device is obviously paired. I have the knobs on the device set to the Test settings. When I wave motion in front of the sensor it the red eye lights up. Though the (entity?) state, (Back Porch Motion Sensor Motion detection )
stays in the (clear) state

I’m attaching four screenshots, that might be helpful. Two of the shots show a difference that I think may
be significant, but I can’t explain why they should be different between the old sensor, (as in working), and the new sensor (which is not working).
Also note that the new sensor has a “value”, Basic, that is not even shown on the old sensor. Really appreciate any consideration in this. I’m kind of at my “wit’s end”

 I considered posting Debug info from both the devices, I refrained for now cause I wasn't sure how to post it without cluttering up my message.

Solved this issue … I got the sensor to respond when I added the device in insecure mode. That option gets revealed here (see screen shot)

I had lots of heartburn over this until I got it figured out.