Configuration setup - my endless struggle

Hey everybody,

this is kind of a rant, a documentation for myself that I don’t forget what I tried so far and a cry for help.

Setup is pretty easy: Intel Nuc with Home Assistant OS, pretty default setup. No ports open to the internet, as I have a VPN Server running and will first VPN into my home network and then access homeassistant via http. (Yes, no https configured!).

I now only want to easy develop and configure with autocompletion etc…

The route I went:

  1. Setup local git repository via ssh incl. ssh key.

  2. Visual Studio Code Community Addon
    Installs easily, can see my files. Highlighting works. However, due to me not using https (only http connection) the home assistant addon for vscode for autocompletion does not work. Also cannot push to github, as the ssh_key is in the home assistant docker container, not in the vscode container (?) and therefore does not work.

  3. Visual Studio Code Local installation at dev maschine
    2a. General
    Home Assistant Integration in vscode does not work
    2b. Remote development extension
    Does not work, as Home Assistant OS is not compatible with the remote working extension, some prerequesites are missing.
    2c. SSH-FS
    Does see the files, however git integration not supported

Does anybody have a similiar setup (http access only) and got visual studio code to work?


The easiest way is to use the SAMBA share addon to share your configurtion folder.

You can then open any file in /config with VSCode, or create a workspace. Either locally or via your VPN.

VSCode extensions that will assist in editing home assistant:

Thanks - SAMBA Share is worth another shot. However, the Home assistant helper still does not seem to work with http connections only…

Oh. I was not aware of that. No mention of it here:

Though this issue comment may be relevant:

I subscribed to the mentioned topic… let’s see if this changes in the future…