Configuration validation takes longer than usual (some minutes)

Since a few days I observed that the configuration validation (from the server control page) takes a lot more time that it used to.

It takes 2-3 minutes to finish when before it took 10 seconds at most.
it’s irritating when you want to test new configs…

I tried to restart/reboot a few times and nothing changed.
There’s nothing in the logs at the time I do a config check.

Are there others with that behaviour ?
Is there a way to troubleshoot this ?

Running 0.97.1 on a RPI 3B+.

same problem here
dont know whats problem

A few people have mentioned this over in the Discord chat, but nobody has opened an issue about it so I doubt the developers are aware.

Issue created :

The issue is closed with the reason that it is happening if you have custom_components. I had indeed hacs and breaking changes and after removing them it is super quick. Sadly, hacs is extremely useful and temporarily deactivating it breaks all custom cards :frowning:

i have HACS and breaking changes installed as well as 1/2 dozen other custom integrations and my config check time is around 15-20 seconds. I don’t really use the config check much so not sure if that’s excessive

maybe it’s a resource problem. i’m on a rpi running docker hassio. i can’t really recall when it started since i wasn’t home the last weeks. but it wasn’t like that a few releases ago. funny enough i just tested activating breaking_changes since it’s basically doing nothing more than a simple poll, but with the same excessive amount of time as with hacs (that does a lot of data reloading).

It’s apparently fixed.
The problem was only with breaking changes

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