Configuration.yaml and HA-Database File


In some older examples I find lines of the configuration.yaml, that no longer are in this file of newer HA installations.

Example: (from

  name: Home
  unit_system: metric
  # etc

    # Add an entry for each entity that you want to overwrite.
      friendly_name: Nest
      friendly_name: Toaster
  # etc

As I understand, these lines are no longer necessary because of the UI-Configuration and the line defaul_config.

Is my assumption correct, that the variable values (f.e. name location …) - and all other actions that are made on the HA-UI - are stored in the HA database file (in folder config)?

On the other side, all entries i do in configuration.yaml (f.e. definiton of a sensor entity) are not changable on the HA-UI?

How do I handle a customize_glob, if I have not homeassistant “section” in my configuration.yaml?

The only thing that’s stored in the database specified in recorder: (or the default SQLlite) is state history. The options that you’re describing, when configured in the UI, are stored in the config/.storage directory in a set of JSON files. In general, any settings that you put in configuration.yaml will override settings made in the UI, either partially or completely. If you want to add a manual customize or customize_glob file, you should be able to do it by adding a homeassistant: section with customize: and customize_glob: nested inside. I don’t know whether that will allow you to continue to set the rest of the homeassistant: parameters in the UI, but I expect it will. Easy enough to check.

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