Configuration.yaml defective

Hello, I have installed Hassi.o on a Raspberry Pi 4 model B 32 bits. Raspberry Pi has boot up, Home Assistant is yet available, when I edit configuration.yaml I notice that this file is only has 15 lines. I do not know what is thle problem.
I need an standard configuration.yaml file. Where can I get it?

That probably is the std config file for new installs

But you’re looking at it.

What makes you think it’s “defective”?

This my configurati9n.yaml :slight_smile:

Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc)

Uncomment this if you are using SSL/TLS, running in Docker container, etc.



Text to speech


  • platform: google_translate

group: !include groups.yaml
automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml

2 things.

  1. Use proper formatting for the forums.
  2. There is nothing wrong with that configuration yaml. It is the default configuration. Why do you think it is broken?