Configuration.yaml is empty

I customized several, switches, sensors, shutters etc. from the gui. Several integrations are working - perfect. But when opening sonfiguration. yaml with any editor, I see -nothing! How does this work? Where are the entries?

They are (like almost everything configured from the UI) stored in the .storage folder in your config directory.

If you do things in the UI that’s where they can be changed these days, not in yaml (for the most part)

Thanks for the quick replies! Do I understand it right: one time configured in UI , no way to configure in config.yaml?

Most things are either one way or the other and don’t offer both methods (some do but not many).

but if there are any that do if you need to config it in the opposite method (ui → yaml or yaml → UI) then you would need to delete the first integration first and then re-configure using the other method.

There are some integrations that are configured via the UI that allow you to change the configuration thru the UI as well. But again not all. Many need you to delete the old UI config and re-add the modified UI config.

So the bottom line is…it depends.

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