Configuration.yaml my templates are not there

Hello everybody,
I am trying to make an automation for my dishwasher via a smart plug.
I am using partially the info and pictures and all from LG-washer-dryer-card but I have done some mistake, because the sensors that I create on the configuration.yaml do not appear.
This is the relevant part:

    name: Dishwasher Status
      - Limpo
      - Quentando
      - Secando
      - Lavando
      - Agardando
    initial: Agardando
  - platform: template
          value_template: '{{ states.input_select.dishwasher_status.state}}'
          friendly_name: 'Dishwasher Status'
          friendly_name: "Dishwasher tempo que falta"
          value_template: >
            {% state_attr('input_datetime.dishwasher_duracion', 'timestamp')  - as_timestamp(now()) - state_attr('input_datetime.dishwasher_inicio', 'timestamp') %}
          friendly_name: "Dish Washer Time Display"
          value_template: >
            {% if is_state('input_select.dishwasher', '-') %}
            {% elif is_state('input_select.dishwasher', 'Agardando') %}
            {% else %}
            {{ state_attr('input_select.dishwasher', 'remain_time') }}
            {% endif %}
          friendly_name: "Blank Sensor"
          value_template: ""

I have the input_select.dishwasher, and try to create a sensor that got the status from it, to present it in entities card. Also created the blank sensor for the LG-card to work.
Dishwasher_falta should be a time sensor that shows how much time is left, calculating the runnign time (now minus starting datetime) minus the estimated duration (calculated the last time it run).

Where is my mistake? I would appreciate any hint!

Thanks in advace,

Does your configuration.yaml file contain more than one instance of sensor: or is the example you posted above show the only one that’s present?

More than one. I though one could have severql of them…

EDIT: Exactly, @Taras was perfectly right: You can only have one SENSOR section. Having more than one, I had overseen that, so part of the as-defined sensors were not there.


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