Configuration.yaml per user


Is there possible to use different configuration.yaml depends on login user? Or may there is possible to use ‘if statements’ in configuration.yaml to detect which user is login?

I mean something like that in configuration.yaml:

{% if == 'bob' %}
    title: "Google"
    url: ""
{% endif %}

Maybe there is another similar solution to use panel_iframe depends on user?

No - you can’t do it the way you describe.

There is this:

This allows you to restrict certain Lovelace pages to particular users. There are also kiosk mode add-ons that let you hide other things, search for kiosk mode in the forums for a few examples.

Ok, thank you for your response.

I’ve found temporary solution for above iframe example. I’ve added it in configuration.yaml and deleted it on unnecessary users via Profile → “Change the order and hide items from the sidebar” option. May there will be better solution in future HA releases…