Configuration.yaml reverts to old files on reboot

Bit of a strange one, i’ve not touched HA for a little while, but today i swapped ISP. Here in the UK you get a router with your new supplier so i pre-configured my port mapping etc prior to switch-over today. I’ve then gone and re-configured my Sonoff devices, my nest thermostat, cast devices etc. - all is fine.

I use DHCP for everything, my hassio IP has changed so i needed to change my MQTT broker IP within my configuration.yaml file and the MQTT IP for my flashed sonoff devices. I can access the samba share and edit with notepad++, the last edit was a few months back. I can save changes fine (i.e. with no errors showing), when you look at the last modified it changes to now, as you’d expect. Now doing a physical reboot of the pi and while i can still access the samba file share and when i access the hassio front end i am unable to log in - it is not a password issue. And when looking at the samba share, and the config.yaml file the ‘last modified’ time stamp reverts back to a few months ago.

Is this normal? I performed some add-on updates yesterday, without issue before then changing ISP, my router and getting the sonoff devices back onto my network and ensuring they connect to the MQTT broker on my hassio install.

My question i guess is, how can i recover from this? While i have yaml file backup i do not have any snapshots. As a side note, i have purchased a Pi3 B+, so being able to ‘flip flop’ from old Pi to new Pi would be brilliant.

Your SD card probably is corrupt. Try a new one.


I came here to say the exact same thing.

I don’t think the card per se is corrupt, but certainly a component of the install is. I’m happy to try a fresh install if i can recover my configuration but having to start from complete scratch i’m trying to avoid.

After waiting for a very long time i have managed to get into the front end, but i have errors.

Trying to load the hassio panel i get this;

Issues with MQTT but the config looks ok and i can’t save the changes i make within the samba file share.

Try to create a snapshot, download it and restore on a new sd card. If creating a snapshot doesn’t work, then let this be a leason for creating more frequent backups. SD cards tend to corrupt easily depending on quality and how much writing you do.

I have rebooted, i get the same config errors trying to setup components. But i can now access the dashboard and i have just tried to generated a snapshot. Not sure how long it should take, or if it’s even doing it. The ‘create’ button has greyed out but that’s all. I will leave it for a bit and see what detail exists within the wiki.