Configuration.yaml root only with linux deploy and pyton install

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i start my project made of xiaomi, sonoff, hue and somfy devices.
For the moment i try to choose a plateform.
I got a pi zero w but i don’t trust in sd writing.
So I look for recycling an old android device. A tablette (acer a500) or a TV box(mxIII plus).
I first test a500, and would like to keep android.
I search for a way to lunch docker but I fall cause of too old kernel.
So I installed a debian with linux deploy, then python and homeassitant.
It’s functional but i got 2 problems of root acces :
1/ I can’t auto start it with “services”. maybe this way ? but starting HA in daemon give me an error
2/ I can’t edit configuration.yaml with an external editor like winscp (scp or sftp). I just made a test (adding xiaomi gateway) in sudo nano via ssh. test is working so acces are ok but only in root. i tried to start HA with - config home user path but same result.
I installed HA in python virtual environement
An other issue is bluetooth acces but i give up this by purchasing a xiaomi BT/Wifi lamp gateway…
Could you help me ? Sorry for my english …

If its a later version of debian (jessie or later) then it will need the systemd autostart procedure. See

Its difficult to help without knowing what user you started HA as, and the current permission of the configuration.yaml file.

Thank you for your help !

I tried but got an issue, i will try again an post error

I have to start it with sudo … do you think i can change permission with sudo chmod ?

Do you need a “ls -l” in the home assistant directory ?

There is something wrong if you are starting HA with sudo, but perhaps you meant that you are starting the editor with sudo?

Yes, that should work.

I confirm i have to start HA with sudo i will post error tonight. thank you again

Edit & correction :slight_smile:
I have to use sudo to modify config but i can start HA without so i remove conf and it recreate it with user permission. So i can edit it from windows remote editor ! perfect ! Thank you.

For autostart with systemd i got this error :

[email protected]:/etc/systemd/system$ cat home-assistant\@homeassistant.service
Description=Home Assistant

ExecStart=/home/homeassistant/homeassistant/bin/hass -c "/home/homeassistant/homeassistant"

[email protected]:/etc/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl start [email protected]
Running in chroot, ignoring request.

Any idea ? Is it because of linux deploy that use chroot ?

some TV box can directly install Debian