Configurations when upgrading

Why is it that EVERY time an update is released I have to spend hours fixing my configuration?
it never fails that when I update, it breaks the system and i have to start search for a solution. Then I find out it is because you changed a syntax or depreciated / remove a method for configuring a device.

how about adding a routine to the update process that looks for these changes and FIX them then.

Wow, nice first post. Welcome to the community!

But seriously, it’s because HA has not reached its 1.0 release yet. This is a rather large open source project implemented (mostly) by volunteers.

And it’s probably not every time you update, unless you wait a long time between updates.

You need to pay attention to the release notes, especially the section on breaking changes. You should read that before you update to avoid as many hiccups as possible. But, even so, sometimes they just can’t be avoided.

You’re welcome to contribute to the project.


This is impossible, there are thousands of people with thousands of different configurations/setups.

Exactly, because we haven’t reached a stable point yet (1.0), all users work with a “BETA” product. You can expect from a BETA product that things change, some small some big on the back-end.

For my instance, I haven’t had any upgrade killing my config, but maybe my installation is not at complex as yours… only one add-on caused my system to fail once. The deconz add-on, when a newer version was released. But a new version was very soon released after to fix all that.

I understand that, but when a line in the configuration.yaml file changes format that can be corrected why not correct it .
Prime example, a while back the following changed from this;

  - platform: mqtt_json

to this

  -platform: mqtt
   schema: json

That was a deliberate change that could have be searched for and adjusted.

Maybe after 1.0, that would be a nice to have. Until then the volunteers only have limited time. What would you rather have them do? Make your life a tiny bit easier, or fix bugs, add features, etc.?

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Nowhere on the website does it state this is a beta program… (at least where I have seen)
I understand the software versioning schema and I have also seen it ignored.

I agree with you that this would be nice, however as @pnbruckner said the time of the volunteers is limited and something like the example you showed is really easy for the end-user to do it himself, however for the developer this may be a lot of work.

I am not a coder, but i do understand that it doesn’t take much to look for “X” and change it to “X-Y”.

I understand that they are all volunteer with real jobs and life’s and don’t stay locked to the keyboard.
They do a great job and produce (in my opinion) the best home automation environment out there.

put unless we “beta testers” communicate where we think improvements can be made, they may never know there is an issue.

All please don’t think that I am upset or ticked off, because I am not. maybe a bit aggravated, but non-the-less, I will continue to use Hassio and continue to support it.

Yeah, it’s not that simple.

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I am not a rocket surgeon, but…

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I’m closing this thread, before it descends into a flame war.

If the OP want’s to open a new thread, with a calmer content, looking for advice and guidance, that will be fine :wink: