Configurator 1.1 issue (Icons are all text)

Hi everyone,
I just came here to say that since I upgraded from Configurator 0.4 to 1.1, all icons from the configurator are now gone and replaced by text. It is nearly unusable this way.
(I’m on HA 0.74.0 btw)

I attached some screenshots.

Sorry if the screenshots are giant, I’m uploading and writing everything directly from my cellphone.

I don’t know if some file messed up while upgrading or if this is some real issue, but I’ll provide any logs, commands and files that the devs need to solve this issue.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

The icons are loaded on the fly from a cloud CDN. What you are seeing are the plaintext-placeholders in case the icons can’t be loaded. Does this issue also appear on other machines? What’s even more wierd: the icon for files (.HA_VERSION or .uuid) are present. So maybe just clearing the cach of yuor browser app may solve your issue.