Configurator Add-On

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Hi, I just started with HA and need some kind of assistant.
I’d installed HA on a container on a ras pi, I guess i didn’t install distribution and therefore i’m missing the sub menu, as well as the add ons menu (docker image is homeassistant home-assistant)
Anyway, everything is working ok and I’m getting to know it slowly.
I was wondering is there’s any way to integrate a configurator utility to this distribution, just to eliminate the need to use nano or vi on the cli.
Is there a manual way to add such a utility?
I ran into hass-configurator add-on but I couldn’t figure out if this is suitable for the version I’m using.
Is there a repository/integration for HACS to add this?
Will appreciate any assistance.

Since you’re running on a rpi and your just getting going with HA why don’t you install the full system HA OS? You get all the add-ons included automatically. There’s a steep enough learning curve to HA why complicate it with yet more issues? You can always move back to a docker environment later after you’ve got the automation stuff under control.

The configurator can also be installed manually, albeit with some slight differences in usability because it won’t use the HA-authentication. Have a look at the Wiki.