Configurator addon update now ingress only

I saw an update available to the addon and checked the changelog to see what was new.
I saw it is now ingress only and since I personally use it out of ingress all the time I was just wondering why that is.
Anybody know?

I am guessing it’s for security? Some people don’t like ports open.

When you update to 4.1 it does mention the following though:

Known issues and limitations

  • This add-on is, by default, configured for use with Ingress. If you
    wish to access the add-on via its own port directly, you can do so, by
    assign a port in the “Network” section of the add-on setting page.

I would also guess it is security related I was just wondering about the details. I currently have another port setup in the network section on version 3.7 so maybe I wouldn’t notice.
I’ll probably try this weekend to see how it behaves.
Thanks for the info though…never would have seen that without installing it.

Okay so I updated on a test system and that network part is gone.
I think the language you see about is a leftover that someone forgot to remove.

Can’t you add the Network part back into the config box and do a restart?

Prob worth raising a ticket if not.