Configurator broken after 3.1 update

There was an update for the Configurator, so I updated it. Now when I try to access the Configurator on the left pannel, the message I’m getting is: hassio.local refused to connect.

The only way I can now access Configurator is through: -> Configurator (in Add-ons) -> Open Web UI.

How can I resolve this?

Well short of looking at the 300 other threads where this question has been asked and answered I don’t know…

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you have 2 choices.

  1. Wait for 0.92 where there s supposed to be an option to add Ingress based addons to the menu.

  2. Replace the iframe part of your configuration.yaml

       - name: hassio-main
         sidebar_title: Configurator
         sidebar_icon: mdi:wrench
         js_url: /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js
         url_path: configurator
         embed_iframe: true
         require_admin: true
           ingress: "core_configurator"

No need to be rude David. A simple referral link to a relevant post would have been nice, otherwise no need to take the effort in replying…
Thank you bosborne for the helpful guidelines, it worked 100%

Just passing along what I learned from here. Not sure where the first user got it from.