Configurator - Login attempt or request with invalid authentication

I have noticed that when I click the configurator icon, I got the notification:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from localhost ( (Python-urllib/3.8)

I can disable the message, but as soon as I click the configurator button, I get directly a new notification.
It doesn’t give directly problem, since I can use configuration embedded in HA. So it is more of an annoying issue.

I have read the similar thread of the issue, but can’t solve it, or maybe don’t understand how to solve it.
I have tried to add below code in configuration.yaml. Something that I read in other threads could help.

  use_x_forwarded_for: true

But I didn’t make any difference. So I don’t know what to do to get rid of the notification.



This happens from any client (Mac Safari, iOS) periodically. It has been happening for a years worth of HA releases, up to and including the very latest. Many others have this issue and it seems to remain unsolved.

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Still happening

Never happend to me. So, it has to do something with your config. Do you use reverse proxy? Or NC? Or VPN?

I you only a VPN. No reverse proxy, no NC.

reverse proxy - no
NC - no
VPN - no

And given the endless torrent of people with the same issue, its not just ‘my config’ :slight_smile:

What add-ons do you use? If I may ask?
And are you using ssl?