Configurator's Observe Events wont connect to HA

I’m trying to get the Observe Events to feature in HASS configurator to work. I’ve added my websocket URI as wss://mydomain.tld/api/websocket and generated a Long Lived Acces Token which I’ve added in the API password.

I keep getting the following error every time I try to connect.

Socket closed

{"type": "auth_invalid", "message": "Invalid access token or password"}

{"type": "auth_required", "ha_version": "0.88.1"}

Socket connected

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 running HassOS 1.13.

Are you using the hassio addon? That hasn’t been updated in a while. Only the most recent configurator (0.3.4) supports long lived access tokens. A workaround would be to enable the legacy api_password and use that instead.

That’s probably why. HASS Configurator that I’m running reports as 0.3.2. Is there no version available as a HASSOS add-on that has the latest version [0.3.4]?

The Pull Request for the official add-on is open since November of last year and still not has been merged.
But you can uninstall it and switch to my repository and install the latest version from there:

Thank you. That works perfectly!

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