Configure a ceiling fan remote control on Home Assistant

I have Home Assistant up and running for a few months. Recently our celling fan was replaced Prior to the new fan I had the light hooked up to an Insteon switch. The fan was wired separately and was not hooked up to anything.

The new fan has a single power source and a remote to turn light and fan on. I can use home assistant to turn the light on and off but need the remote to dim the light and turn the fan on. I purchased a broad link to automate the process. However, I could not get it to work and sent it back. My best guess is it is not IR or RF. While putting it in learn mode it would not recognize any signal but did pick up other signals when pressed,

My question is what frequency might it be? Is there a way to test and find out.? What universal remote that is compatible with home Assistant if any should I look at,



It could be 800-something MHz ot 2.4 GHz, either something homebrewed or Bluetooth.
Can you purchase a separate remote?

If you can then you could wire an ESP to the spare remote and control it that way